Lupo Bianco Custom Tailoring is a passionate team of well-rounded individuals that understand two things – style, and accessibility. We look at the streets of Sydney and see that it is suffering from a massive dichotomy in fashion, caused by a marketed mindset that dictates that good fashion sense can only be achieved with a matching designer price-tag.

However, such a culture will surely alienate its own members in the ever increasing fast pace of society and hence we at Lupo Bianco declare that we understand the custom suiting needs of Sydney and will actively strive to cater to it in a way that benefits you, our valued customers, the most. We understand the necessity of a high-quality suit in every man and woman’s wardrobes, and empathise with the desire to achieve that without breaking the bank.

Our goals align with yours – we just want a good suit in the wardrobe of every man and woman in Sydney, and we want you to be able to do that regardless of age, gender, status and most importantly, budget. We want to treat every man and woman to a Timeless Sophistication.

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