Choosing the Right Material and Colour for Your Custom-Made Suit

custom made suit

If you're considering a custom-made suit from Lupo Bianco Custom Tailoring, the right fabric and colour can make all the difference in your comfort and confidence levels. Our guide will help you choose the perfect material and hue based on the season and occasion, from brighter colours for spring and summer to darker shades for fall and winter. Our team of expert tailors will also assist you in selecting the best fabric and colour based on your personal style.

Spring and Summer

During the warmer months of the year, lightweight fabrics such as cotton, linen, and seersucker materials are the best choice for your comfort. These fabrics are breathable and lightweight, making them ideal for staying cool even in the warmest temperatures. We have a wide variety of colours and patterns available in these materials, so you can still look stylish while feeling comfortable.

Spring is the time to experiment with brighter colours like pastel shades and light blues. These colours work well for outdoor weddings and garden parties. If these colours are too unusual for your taste, a light grey or beige suit is an excellent alternative—particularly for formal occasions like business meetings, as it pairs well with most shirts and ties.

For summer, brightly coloured suits such as orange or red are a great option for events like weddings, proms, and other special occasions. However, if you’re looking for something less obvious, a light blue or baby pink suit can help you stand out in a subtle way. But before you decide to don a bright orange suit, don’t forget to keep in mind the occasion and the formality of the event.


When you’re expecting slightly cooler weather, look for lightweight wool materials that are breathable but still keep you warm. If it’s reaching the end of autumn or you get cold easily, even a warmer material like tweed may be a good choice for your custom suit.

Autumn is a time when classic patterns such as plaid or houndstooth come out. They are perfect for the autumn, particularly when matched with darker colours such as a charcoal grey. And don’t be afraid to experiment with deeper, richer colours like dark green, burgundy, or brown, as they are versatile options for formal events like gala dinners, charity events, and corporate dinners.


Flannel and tweed suits are perfect for the winter because they are made from heavier materials which will keep you warm on the coldest of days. And for the person who struggles with the cold weather, pairing your suit with a scarf is perfectly okay. 

Darker colours like black, navy, and charcoal grey are more popular during the winter season. If you’re the type to prefer colour in your outfit, a dark suit can be paired with a colourful shirt or tie. Additionally, for more social events like work parties, you can still opt for a brighter suit colour like emerald green or midnight blue.

At Lupo Bianco Custom Tailoring, we have a wide variety of fabrics and colours available, and our team of expert tailors will guide you in selecting the best material and colour for your custom-made suit. For any and every occasion, whether it’s a wedding or for business attire, you can trust us to create a bespoke suit for you that is both comfortable and stylish.

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